Wendy is Guest Teaching in January!


Keystone Weave - Regular or Mini - $55
Friday, January 25 (2-6pm)

Link together various ring sizes to create “keystone”
shaped segments that alternate and give this flat
chainmaille bracelet a rippling appearance. Embellish
intersections with delicate freshwater pearls that
perfectly contrast the cold and sleek rings. Gems,
crystals, and glass beads can also be used. Choose to
make the new “mini” version or the traditional size.
Must have done at least two other chainmaille weaves. Five kit options available. Materials list.



Byzy Bead Bracelet & Earrings - $55
Saturday, January 26 (10am-1pm)

Friday, January 25 (10am-1pm)

Inspired by the popular Byzantine chain, this version includes large ring stations with suspended Swarovski crystals that add sparkle and charm. Students will learn how to precisely fit a crystal within the jump ring, and a tip on combining all elements to create a seamless and professional piece. Harder than it looks but worth the work! Must have done at least one other chainmaille weave. Five kit options available. Materials list.


Hoodoo Net - $55
Saturday, January 26 (2-5pm)

Hoodoo woven segments connected to larger contrasting rings make a nice bracelet on its own but
we are taking it further by creating a three-strand
version for a wide netted look. Students will learn
techniques to help make inserting a small ring in a
tight spot easy and productive. Must have done at
least two other chainmaille weaves. Choose from
a variety of one-tone and two-tone kit options.
Materials list.


Lotus Bud Earrings - $55
Sunday, January 27 (10am-1pm)

This stylized lotus bud motif makes a darling pair of
earrings and combines techniques in bead bezeling,
square stitch, and a touch of netting. For students
that like daintier pendants, this design converts
easily and can become a matching set. Familiarity
with peyote stitch is required to accommodate
the class length and get students further along.
Kits will be available. Materials list.


Cardigan Wristlet - $55
Sunday, January 27 (2-5pm)

Add a new stitch to your repertoire while making
this slinky band style bracelet that reminds me of
a cardigan sweater. This two-drop Hubble Stitch is
a hybrid of the right angle weave and herringbone
stitch. It is lacy, supple and drapes beautifully on
your wrist. Finish with sporadic dots of crystal for
a smidge of sparkle. Basic bead weaving experience
is required. Kits will be available. Materials list.

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